Residential, industrial and commercial lighting will change in the near future with the emergence , development and improvement of LED technology, because it is undeniable that its characterisques will allow us to consider future changes to the standards of the European Union on energy efficiency.

Indeed, the technology has many advantages compared with other conventional technology:

  • Significant energy savings
  • High luminous flux output
  • Long useful life
  • High Rendering color quality (CRI)
  • Instant start
  • Minimum cost of service
  • Reliability and mechanical strength
  • Significant savings in new facilities
  • Safe installation and use
  • Innovation
  • Intelligent lighting systems
  • Protection of Nature
  • Environmental Protection

Synergies and innovative projects allow Plurigás Energias Solar Lda and our brand BlueStella Microled Solutions to take a leading position in these fields with products of high quality at the forefront of technology with factory direct prices, whether Portugal, France or elsewhere.

As part of the lighting industry, especially for LED entrust, Plurigás Solar Lda Energias study the lighting project for companies, local authorities or other ERP, and allow to bearer projects to maximize energy savings and ensure an optimum return on investment while respecting the environment.

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