Our Plurisol Open Ground Model is a design of open area mounting system with benefit of limited installation time, long working life and mass customize for every project. Every solar power plant will be calculated and built according to local surrounding data with guarantee of stability and durability.


  • Mounting systems: open ground with concrete or flat roof;
  • Stable and trustable structure for any kind of weather situation;
  • Aluminum mounting systems for any number of rows and columns of solar panels;
  • Angle fixed are all available: 10º to 70º;
  • Limited kind of Tools and Reduced Time of the installation;
  • Cost-optimized;
  • Warranty 10 years durability on materials and working life more than 25 years.

Product Benefit:

  • Stable and Durable;

    Because a concrete foundation is used, the pre-fabricated concrete components will give the structure a strong and durable base. The concrete foundation is very easy to built and can be used at any kind of soil and flat situation.

  • Easy, Fast and Flexible installation

    As the design allows a little number of components as possible the solar power plant can be installed within a reduced time.The system is designed to allow enough possible tolerance at both X and Y axis from concrete base, which will makes installation easy.

Open Ground
Flat roofs
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