For over 6 years, we convinced our customers and partners around the world with high quality materials, innovative technologies for the production and manufacture of perfect quality until the smallest details. The requirement that we impose on our products has never changed: Blue Sun modules mean peak performance and best quality.


Features of our modules:

  • High performance modules;

  • Greater penetration of sunlight;

  • Greater efficiency;

  • Positive power tolerance;

  • High quality material;

  • Durability;

  • Minimal degradation;

  • Quality certified;

  • Product and Power Warranty.


Warranty of Product and Power:

Our products are free from defects. We give more eight years than provided by law: our product warranty is 10 years. We guarantee the performance of our solar modules for 25 years after 10 years, they still provide at least 90% of its original capacity, and after 25 years and is at least 80%.

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