Our company offers its customers, distributors, resellers and installers, solar photovoltaic solutions in the area of ​grid tie syste​ms a wide range of options for aluminum mounting systems (open ground, slatted or flat roof, trapezoidal or sandwich roof or 2-axis solar tracker).

We propose the best solution that fits the needs of our customers. We perform consulting, licensing and installation with our partner installers , providing our customers with a turnkey product that will allow them to monetize their investment in the short term .



  • Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases;
  • Individual contribution of citizens to the objectives of energy and environmental policy;
  • Awareness of sustainability issues;
  • Initial investment is recovered in 6-7 years upon the characteristics of the installation ;
  • Revenues from the sale of electricity is exempt from VAT;
  • Solar energy has no cost ;
  • Installation does not require extensive maintenance.
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