Extracts water with solar panels anywhere and anytime


We provide complete solutions for solar water pumping , so our clients can perform extraction of water in isolated and remote locations through wells, streams , etc.

Our solutions do not require electricity access, we promote the use of renewable energies and incorporate solar panels to supply power to our systems.

Our systems can be used with Conventional AC pumps or our new high performance DC pumps that enable removing large flows several feet deep. Our systems are commanded by MPPT controllers enabling the intended use of the pump during the day , monitoring the states of charging / discharging of the battery bank for night use and a suitable protection of the entire system.



Use in remote and isolated locations

Supply drinkable water

No access need to electricity

Supply for sanitary water

Pump types. submersible, surface, swimming pool

Irrigations of fields, gardens,etc..

Supply water for animals

Superfícial Pump Submersible Pump

DC Solar Water Pump AC Solar Water Pump

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