Plurigás Ltd. was established in the 1st quarter of 1997 and was specializing in the marketing, distribution and installation of gas networks. The company operated mainly in the north of Portugal , being prevalent in the municipalities of Fafe , Cabeceira de Basto, Celorico de Basto and Guimarães .

Opining on the future of society and the risks inherent in various economic crises and oil flooding the international market, hence to reduce the energy consumption is necessary to have recourse to renewable energies.

In 2008, we started the activity in the area of Solar Energy, changing the company name to Plurigás Solar Energy Ltd. Plurigás Solar Energias Ltd operated in the assembly and distribution of photovoltaic mono and polycrystalline modules. Our company offers its services in consulting and budgeting solar PV systems to its partners and thermal installers.

In 2010 , we expand our area for led lighting because we think that leds technology will dominate the market with products that reduce power consumption, increase the light output compared to traditional products, and in addition, its use does not cause light pollution.

In 2012, we began the process of recording our own solar panels brand Blue Sun® Energy Solar adn aluminum structures Plurisol® photovoltaic structures. It was our wish to register our brand to strengthen our position in the solar photovoltaic market in order to strengthen our position on the domestic market.

In 2013, we certificate our own led light brand BlueStella® Microled Solutions, it was our wish to strengthen our position in the led light market in order to strengthen our position on the domestic market.

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